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Outsourcing: Meaning, Features, Scope, Types of OSP, BPO

Content What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing vs. offshoring What are the Different Types of Outsourcing? What is outsourcing? Definitions, benefits, challenges, processes, advice Categories of BPO Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance and Support Outsourced by a European SaaS Provider What pitfalls should we be on the lookout for when hammering out the details of a contract? Customers today expect more innovation and straightforward solutions

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Entity Framework Core Relationships with Fluent API by Henrique Siebert Domareski Medium

Contents Separate Configuration Classes Requirement of Domain Knowledge Update or create a related record Languages Registers a type as a complex type in the model and returns an object that can be used to configure the complex type. This method can be called multiple times for the same type to perform multiple lines of configuration. It allows you to configure

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